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Or not, really, but it does contain a small amount of news that I'm spamming all over the bloody place, because damn it, I want people to see it, even if they are people I already know.

Anyway, read this and you'll know why I'm happy.

I am Spam, Spam I am! (but soon I will be Spam that people have seen on occasion ...)

And now, back to the salt mines. You know, where I get the clothes from ... So I have something to show in December ... And Delchi, who did the interview, has agreed to do the announcing and music for the show as well. ^_^ Of course, something to show will be essential. And having people to show it on. We're working on that. We're mainly looking for people who are willing to model more or less for free, or close to it. I will, as always give discounts for models, and something else might be able to be arranged. Drink tickets were mentioned in passing but nothing like guaranteed. There's also space for other designers to show as well, which is cool. So far all I have as a date for this is December, so ... yeah. It will be fun. I have several dresses done, from Convergence, but ever since people said Steampunk, that's where my mind has been going, and since listening to Coil, the designs have been getting dirtier and rougher. And I don't think there's space enough for what I have done, and what will be done.

Now, for finding bodies. Heh.

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