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To start with, she has a name, and is called Charlotte. It just fits her.

Also, I got a response from someone at the Springfield Armoury National Park, which says lots of things.

This letter is in reference to your request for information concerning an
old percussion cap musket in your possession. Thanks for the images. They
came across clearly and reveal an interesting old rifle. It’s a rather long
rifle- certainly not a plains rifle, but more likely a Pennsylvania or Ohio
Valley rifle of the second quarter of the 19th Century. It has a very fine
piece of curly maple for a stock. The weapon used a late-period percussion
lock that seems a bit small for the gun. Perhaps it was a pistol lock. The
sideplate, barrel, & stock form all point to PA & OH areas. The ramrod
thimble is not, however, your typical rifle form [octagonal facets], but a
pistol or fowler example [cylindrical pipe]. The front sight is nicely
preserved as is the fore end cap. Interesting piece! Thanks for sending the

So that's kind of keen!
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I have a gun! Well, sort of anyway ... it's really only gunlike in shape and intention, though I do intend to restore it to something at least appropriately decorative, if not actually useful. I don't know what it's capable of, though it's quite old and probably more than a little fragile. And weighs more than is really necessary. :) I tried to hold it to see if I could fire with anything like accuracy, and could barely hold the barrel straight. It's ... umm ... kind of massive. I can't tell whether or not it's rifled (how do you check that?) but the bore is about .5".

There are more photos in the gallery, if anyone wants to hazard a guess about what it might or might not be, and a possible age on it? Suggestions for repairs?

My crow-boy does give the best of gifts. Strange gifts, maybe, but very terribly keen.

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