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So now, I'm officially in a band. It's a steampunk thing, and lots of fun, and I've liked their music for a while. We did some recording yesterday, and though one of the songs has to be mixed more thoroughly, there is one thing up so far in which I do appear, both as the voice of the clockwork girl, and as a random crewmember yokel-type (I'm shouting MOONSHINE! at the end). It can be found here, and here, and Dustin's voice is in there as well.

The band is the Clockwork Dolls, and you should listen to them. This is my totally non-objective opinion.

*edit: I suppose I really should mention that most of the music DOES NOT sound like this. Hoe Downs are pretty strictly limited to holidays. The rest of the year is much more like proper music. (That's on the myspace.)
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First, don't do it.

Ir you find you absolutely must knit with a kitten, there are several things you might wish to consider:

Knit with a yarn that compliments the kitten's fur. This may seem like an odd suggestion, but it's true. Even if said kitten is not on your lap while you knit, you are covered in her fur, and it *will* find a way into your yarn. for example, if you have a white kitten and black yarn, you will have a grey project. It's absolutely true.

Only knit when the kitten is asleep, in another room, or on another planet. They do that, you know.

If she wakes and comes to find you, as she will, hopefully you will have invested in a good laser light, and you can make her chase it into another room where it will disappear, and leave her to hunt for the missing glowy-bug. This is best done if you have your chair set up with a straight shot into another room, so that you and your knitting may stay in place while she runs of chasing things.

She will, eventually, sit in your lap and purr, no matter what defences you might have set up. It's just how things are, really. When this happens, you have two choices: either set up your knitting for a time and pet her until she falls asleep, or develop boundless patience for having your needles moved about, chewed on, clawed at, and your thread chewed on. She really is just trying to help, you know, those needles are getting awfully close to stabbing you, and she is just trying to keep them in line, and not quite so likly to attack you, her beloved person. That thread gave her a funny look, and might well try to garrotte you, if it doesn't try to run away first. (See? there it goes. She was right after all!)

*applies to crochet, tatting, fingerloop braiding, netting, embroidery, and other assorted fibre arts as well.
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He: too bad I have this strange aversion to guns and have never touched one in my life...
He: I could see if I could have a short-lived stint as an Albanian warlord
He: that'd be a funny thing to send back to my high school reunion
I: hell yes!
He: you're the only person that didn't immediately turn skeptical
He: when I told them about that
I: about you becoming a war lord?
He: yep
I: **giggle** If nothing else, I am not afraid of guns, so I"ll just be your hired muscle.
He: Albania's no place for a woman. :P
I: Because it sounds to me like a grand time.
He: I mean, I trust that you're capable.
He: I'm just chivalrous like that.
He: Heh.
I: I"ll have a gun.
He: eh, I suppose. There is that.
I: **giggle** the great equaliser!
He: maybe I'll just wear a stolen UN Peacekeeper uniform
He: that tends to scare them
He: maybe that's because those were the only people to beat sense into those bandits
He: "Hey! Matko! Let's fuck with NATO!! OH WAIT. SHIIIIIIIIIIIT"
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deliriumcrow: all my shots of flying into Las Vegas sort of suck.

napalmmk9: well, you were terrified at the time.  Perhaps if you took them from a plane as opposed to from mid-air just after being launched from a giant trebuchet

deliriumcrow: but it seemed like sch a *good* idea at the time!

napalmmk9: always does, when you've had that much booze, but i am here to tell you from experience -- it's better if the person is lit on fire beforehand.
worse for the person's photography skills, but it does make for better ground-based photography of the person in question.

deliriumcrow: no no no, that's with the cannon, silly.

napalmmk9: ah yes
how stupid of me
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This entry, while cool in its own right, has one of the scariest comments I've ever seen. Those of you that know my brother will know exactly what I'm talking about....

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