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So now, I'm officially in a band. It's a steampunk thing, and lots of fun, and I've liked their music for a while. We did some recording yesterday, and though one of the songs has to be mixed more thoroughly, there is one thing up so far in which I do appear, both as the voice of the clockwork girl, and as a random crewmember yokel-type (I'm shouting MOONSHINE! at the end). It can be found here, and here, and Dustin's voice is in there as well.

The band is the Clockwork Dolls, and you should listen to them. This is my totally non-objective opinion.

*edit: I suppose I really should mention that most of the music DOES NOT sound like this. Hoe Downs are pretty strictly limited to holidays. The rest of the year is much more like proper music. (That's on the myspace.)
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I am such a terribly bad goth. Probably I always have been -- there's a rather large part of me that I'd mostly forgotten about for years that would much rather listen to songs about hot rod lincolns than your standard goth band. Or even most non-standard ones. I'm not sure where this came from, as I think I might be the only one in my family with this passion (lord knows my parents didn't listen to this stuff, and my grandmother would have killed me for even trying to bring it into her house), but the hast time I thought something like that, I found out that my cousin has the entire body of Tom Waits's music, and my aunt has a large collection of Johnny Cash. And when I pulled out the Skip James, my father was shocked and impressed, and knew almost all of it. So it's probably all to be blamed on my father's family. Also, I'm not sure how exactly I managed to not remember for so long. I mean, loving the Cramps was probably a pretty good indication, among other things.

We've been listening to a 1950s station at work, which has prompted me to find a similar internet radio station, which claims to have lots of rockabilly. This is probably responsible for remembering, as is being madly in love with someone who has a superkeen car, and likes his music to be "rockin'". And yes, he really did phrase it like that.
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I am maybe a little too drunk to be posting right now.

But I would still like to say that Elvis's cover of Fever is incredibly hot, even if it isn't the one I heard on the oldies station today at work. Damned XM radio not posting their playlists. It's a hot song anyway (I love the peggy Lee version, and heard that and the other one both today) but there's something about the version he did in the 1950s that just makes me very happy. And not in a nice girl sort of way. Happily, D likes it as well.

Also, I'm ever so slightly disturbed that, having moved to Las Vegas, I've developed a taste for Elvis's music, which really wasn't supposed to happen, though is less frightening than my emerging appreciation for the Beachboys, which is unexpected to the point of being almost unwelcome. But fun. I do not listen to Liberace, though I do have to go to his museum before leaving town. Because, you know, I HAVE to. It's required, I think, for anyone in Vegas to see the monument to the man with the world's largest rhinestone. Or something.

But you know, I really have begun to see why people went wild for Elvis, as, having played the oldies station for this long at work, every time something he did comes on, I go a little wild too. And you know, I think I need more early rock. There's something about it that has much more life to it than most of what it developed into. Though, they really need to play more rockabilly and bee-bop. Les Vegas Swing and Rat-Pack stuff. More things that will keep me awake all day, really.

And you know how I got into 1950s music? It was the only thing I could find on the radio in Elementary school that no one else in my school listened to. I had my mother make me a poodle skirt for Halloween one year, as sort of a bit of a con. I wanted it for regular clothes, not just for costume. Little did she know, her daughter was unwilling to play by normal rules, even then. Little did I know that I was apparently taking part in a much larger resurgence than just in my bedroom. Oh well, I guess I can't be pioneering all the time.

I still want a poodle skirt, though.
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I have thought of a CD that I must obtain. I haven't heard it in years, and I loved it, and I think my mother used to play parts of it on her violin, and I loved listening to that. Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. Actually, I think one of the recordings I used to listen to of that was my mother's College performance of it.

There's something about houses on chicken legs that just makes me shiver. I always loved stories of Baba Yaga, though I never pictured her quite as everyone else did -- Partly this is because when I was little my mother got me Jack and Jill Magazine, which had stories of Baba Yaga in them, and she was still ancient, but served more as the Crone archetype than as a source of Evil. And then there's the fact that in stories like that of Vasalisa the Wise, she was still the Crone. Scary as fuck, but not evil. Just a test. Sort of like my grandmother, if my grandmother had control over all sorts of interesting magic. Hell, I'd run from that ... But how can you learn sstrength if you don't have to stand up against anything? How do you learn wit if you don't have to outthink something a million times smarter and more experienced than you? I like Baba Yaga. I don't much care to meet her, but I respect her. And hey, flaming skulls are just nifty.

So yeah. Pictures at an Exhibition. I must find this, and must remember to do so.

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