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Right, so I guess I've never actually posted any photos of my kitten, which is probably a bit of an oversight seeing as fo at least a while she was all I ever talked about. And she gets shot. Often. I guess it's sort of like other people and children ... I'm turning into the Crazy Cat Lady, and I'm not even 30 yet. There's something wrong with this, really.
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Found out today why there are so many cats around our house, and it creeps me out greatly. The house next to ours was recently evicted, and all the contents have been making a rather slow progress out to the curb. And there are lots of them. Today I heard what I thought was a catfight in the little overgrown patch behind the house, but there was only one voice, and decided that instead it was a cat in trouble. So I went back to see if I could see it, but was of course barefoot. Remy put on shoes, and while I was staring off into the trees, the man that owns the house asked if it was one of ours. Then he said to come up, to see what was going on. The last tennant had not lived there, he was in Schenectady, and used this house to raise cats in. The owner suspects ritual use, or something like that, having found stuffed cats, and dead cats, and all manner of unpleasantness. The previous resident had left hidden about 50 pounds of catfood, and when that had been dunped, he left more, even after having been ordered off the property by the courts. He doesn't work or go to school and was just making money somehow off of these cats. Which, of course, wants me to do more to rescue them. Because that was just wrong. Aside from the general wrongness of it, ever since my dog was killed in some ritual in the woods several years ago I have taken animal sacrifices far more personally. How fucked up do you have to be to even contemplate doing something like that?

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