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Cut one piece of fabric 12x11" for the inside of the muff. You might use satin, but that is cold when you put your hands in it. Mine is wool, but you might use fleece or flannel or something like it instead.

Cut a piece of poly batting about 60x12". You can usually get this in bulk at a fabric store. Make sure it's soft and fluffy, not stiff, and about 1/2" thick.

If you are not making a cover for it, cut one piece of fashion fabric 14x20". Decorate it as you like.

If you are making a cover, cut three pieces 14x20" -- one plain for the outside of the muff form, one piece for the lining of the cover, and one piece for the outside of the cover. Decorate as you like.

You can make the outside of the form out of a fashion fabric if you don't intend to give it fluffy decorations. Same goes for the outside of the cover -- if it doesn't stand up high, you can make it reversible. This can give you up to three different looks for one muff and cover.

For the form, run a gather ing stitch down the 20" sides. Pull ONE SIDE down to 12", and sew it to the 12" end of the inside. Sew down the 11" and 14" sides all at once, making a tube that gets larger at one end. Before turning it right side out, wrap the batting around the inside of the muff, and pull the outer layer over it. At this point, all the seams should be on the inside. Now, pull the second gathered edge down to 12". Turn it under about half an inch, and do the same on the end of the inside piece. Match them up, pin, and sew around.

If you are only making the one layer, you're done. Before sewing up the final seam, you might consider putting on a loop of pretty ribbon or cord so you can carry it.

For the cover, sew the two pieces together along one of the 20" edges. Press it flat. Sew along the two 14" edges leaving about 1/2" open where all the seams meet, making a quite large tube. Press it flat, and turn it so that the lining is on the inside, and the fashion fabric is on the outside. All the seams should be on the outside now. Press the fold between the outer and the lining. Run a line of stitching about 1/2" from the folded edge, making a casing for a ribbon to gather it over the form. Turn under the remaining raw edges about 1/2", press, and pin together. sew them together either by hand or on a machine a scant 1/8" from the edge -- less if you can manage it. Leave it open about 1/2" where the seams meet, and run another line of stitching half an inch in from that edge. Now you have two channels on either end of a lined tube. Run ribbon or cord through them, put the cover on the form, and pull the ribbons tight enough to stay on but lose enough you can get your hands in. Now you have a muff.

Again, you might consider a hanging loop on the cover, on the opposite side from the opening for the ribbons. It isn't necessary, but it's really useful.
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So on my birthday I had the skills test for the costuming job at Colonial Williamsburg. It went both very well and very poorly and I really had no idea how they were going to see it -- some of the stitches were done absolutely perfectly, and I'd have had no qualms about showing them to my perfectionist great-grandmother, were she still alive. Some of them I'd have burned, and were on the same piece. But the serious mistakes were the last I'd made, just at the end of the time limit, so I could not re-do them. That night I dreamed I re-took the test about three times, each time doing something else disastrously wrong. I have spent most of the time since then worrying about the outcome, waiting for the second of August when they said they'd have the results. It got especially bad last week when there was an email saying it would be a week longer until they could tell me whether I was good enough to get an interview.

Last night I got another email, saying that I have an interview on Wednesday. Of course, my day off is Tuesday (today) so there was no way of finding someone to switch with me that quickly. This morning, yet another email,. rescheduling for today at 3, which is perfect. They've been lovely about moving dates and times to when I'm not at work. So there's another day of crossed fingers. At least this time they'll be looking at my previous sewing work, and that's all stuff I'm very sure of. Especially the embroidery.

So much for finishing my jacket today. I think this trumps it by a lot.
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Or not, really, but it does contain a small amount of news that I'm spamming all over the bloody place, because damn it, I want people to see it, even if they are people I already know.

Anyway, read this and you'll know why I'm happy.

I am Spam, Spam I am! (but soon I will be Spam that people have seen on occasion ...)

And now, back to the salt mines. You know, where I get the clothes from ... So I have something to show in December ... And Delchi, who did the interview, has agreed to do the announcing and music for the show as well. ^_^ Of course, something to show will be essential. And having people to show it on. We're working on that. We're mainly looking for people who are willing to model more or less for free, or close to it. I will, as always give discounts for models, and something else might be able to be arranged. Drink tickets were mentioned in passing but nothing like guaranteed. There's also space for other designers to show as well, which is cool. So far all I have as a date for this is December, so ... yeah. It will be fun. I have several dresses done, from Convergence, but ever since people said Steampunk, that's where my mind has been going, and since listening to Coil, the designs have been getting dirtier and rougher. And I don't think there's space enough for what I have done, and what will be done.

Now, for finding bodies. Heh.
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is a colossal pain in the arse.

I really should have taken business classes, instead of just learning how to sew. Granted that knowledge is pretty much tha main focus of said business, but I know next to nothing about contract law, organizational practices (aside from the fact that file cabinets are Wonderfully Useful Objects. Somehow.), or anything more useful that the running and maintenance of a demonically posessed sewing machine. This is especially bothersome when I don't really want to depend on other people. When I am half the company (as I seem to have taken on a partner of sorts, who makes pretty web pages and knows how to talk to other businessy-types, and makes pretty pictures of dresses that will be an utter nightmare to put together) I do feel that I aught to be able to function as something other than strictly the manufacturing branch. No. I give myself too little credit here. I did write the contract with a little help, and while I have done nearly nothing on the website ( (geekery is mildly less confusing that running businesses but not by much) I did at least try to figure out how to do the designs that ended up in the corners. Err, that will end up in the corners, when there's something up other than the filler page. He says this will require lots of work, and I'd rather like him to teach me. But is there really time enough to learn another dubiously useful skill, just so as not to have to depend on other people? independence is one thing, so is self sufficiency, but to take it to an absurd degree like this .... Either way. I'm not completely inept. Though, I think I'd rather just stay happily in the manufacturing department. This, of course, means that the Partner is a permanent fixture, which is probably not quite what he expected. Or likely wanted, as he was surprised enough to have found himself working (if only occasionally) as a designer. Heh.

In other news, I have designs coming practically out my ears. Made a set of shirts for the Basement on roughly Edwardian lines (or not, they started that way in any case) and then they didn't want them after all. Fine. They go in the Convergence Box, so it's the very first part of my inventory. So I can vend there, and have pretty things to sell ... there will also be, I think, a portable sewing machine coming with me, so I can do alterations.

Why am I planning this when it's not even September, and I still have Halloween projects to work on? Seriously. There's something really not right with me.

To do, for orders as they stand:
~Dick's shirt. Today and tomorrow, perhaps I shall try to abduct Diana for the purpose. Serger and all that.
~Muslin for under-dress for sample one, assembly of both layers. I think I shall use all apppropriate layers of lining for this ... just so I know how long it really takes.
~Muslin for sample two, assembly. Many prayers/offerings/whatever that the store decided that they have imaginations good ehough to figure out what the dress will look like in silk when the sample itself is cotton. because there's an immense difference between many yards at 50c a yard, and the same quantity at $5 a yard. Do the math. They don't pay me for the samples, but they want to see what they'll look like. Sorry, can't have both, not unless money is given up front for the custom jobs, not once a month. Seeing as i seem to actually be getting a few of those orders.
~Call basement, see if Custom Girl has set up a new appointment.
~Call Diana, drink LOTS OF COFFEE while sketching patterns. Or soemthing. coffee, at any rate, must happen.
~Patterns for my halloween costume, Darzon's costumes (both of them)
~Measure Nikai and start working on patterns for her corset and possibly the weird pants-suit thing. At very least calculate the amount and cost of fabric and labour that might go into it. Work on colour matching.
~Place silk order. Figure out what goes into silk order.
~Scream a lot. Drive into the desert and scream my fool head off at the moon, because she's used to that sort of foolishness.

So out of order. Really.
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Am still incredibly allergic to mosquitoes. Most people seem to get these nice, neat little round bites from them, that stay in one place - me? they get all squigley, with veins coming off of them, and are huge. And they don't so much itch as just bloody hurt. A lot. And I *know* they are mosquito bites, as I killed the things that bit me, marked waht sort of insect it was, and watch the weird little things form. It's been like this for years. I used to scar from them as well, but not so much anymore. (yes, that's what most of the little round scars on my arms are from. If anyone was wondering.)

Sarah came over, and I drafted a new bodice fro her based on the effigy corset, they're actually more stays than anything else, but still. They should look nice, and she had the most wretched fabric to work with for the outser layer. It isn't so much that it's hard to work with, it isn't. It's just a brocade with a very large repeat, and in order for it to not look stupid, the pattern has to match at elast front and back and be centered, and the repeat was so large that it very nearly didn't fit. And the piece was reasonably large. So now there are these huge scraps that are more or less unuseable for anything moderately garment like, because of the rather ... creative ... cutting placements. So she gave me the scraps for the quilt. Which is turning out beautifully, but is now too large to really be taken out anywhere to work on, until I get all the pieces sewn together. 80x100 inches, good for a double bed. most of the top half is done, and a good deal of the center, and it's folded up off of the carpet now, taking up a much smaller corner of the room. It's just missing about a foot on one side, because I stopped working after reaching the edge of the piano bench.

Have also begun scheming for my halloween costume, which will be some demented mis-interpretation of 18th century costume, with side hoops, and lots of tatters. The corset is being planned, and I have two fabrics to choose from, either the softest possible dark brown twill, or a moleskin that I *swear* is green, sometimes. Mitts as well, in the same fabric, lined in pale green silk, and embroidered most likely in my standard vinework spirals. pocket hoops, tulle, tattery wings like dead leaves, there is a sketch for it that has to be redone because I'm not really happy with it. At all. And I want it to be in the Big Book of All Things Sketched (Aside from in Museums). Anyway. I have the sneaking suspicion that I"ve already posted something about Halloween and its impending sewing, but am not entirely certain. So. Back to the sewing for me.

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