Jan. 18th, 2014

deliriumcrow: (Green)
The new semester has started, and there is ... so very much to do. And So. Many. Books. I like to have text books in actual print so I can underline things, and doing it physically seems to make the words stick better in my head than the highlight function in e-readers. Also, when they assign specific pages, I know I'm reading the *same* pages. That's not possible in Kindle format, and dubious on the Nook. (I have a Nook with a Kindle app, so there you go. I also have both on my laptop.) There are also all the articles that need to be printed, and to that end today we bought three reams of paper, and I've already made a significant dent in one. That's just for this week's readings, and mostly for one class. Also, we bought ink. Lots and lots of black ink, and more is on the way from Amazon, with my textbooks.

The order for which, I just found out, was not paid, because they cancelled my credit card. Because I used it, and that looked suspicious. Yes, I know I don't use it often, that's because I don't buy text books that often. But for fuck's sake, when I need to buy those books, I need them paid for. Promptly.

I've also been spending more time being sidetracked than is really reasonable,

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