Nov. 13th, 2010

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Yay a list! This is a list of things I did not want to read, apparently. I have finished none of these, and started all of them in the last couple of months.

Tom Jones Abrodged and otherwise)
Moll Flanders -- Defoe
Charlotte Temple
Tower of Crossed Destinies -- Calvino
Invisible Cities -- Calvino
Enchantress of Florence -- Rushdie
Wives and Daughters -- Gaskell
Budhism: The Wisdom of Compassion and Awakening
The Turquoise -- Seton
The Domino Men -- Barnes

I think there some others, and a few that I didn't want to read and made myself do so. And I have no idea now what I *do* want to read. I think I want more Emma Bull, but i don't HAVE any more, so I want another book that is like the War for the Oaks, but that I have not read, and that has no yet made me cry. I have read her version of Tombstone, and Freedom and Necessity, and those are not the ones I want. Also I want some Patricia McKillip that I have not read three times at least.

What do I want to read?

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