Aug. 3rd, 2010

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So on my birthday I had the skills test for the costuming job at Colonial Williamsburg. It went both very well and very poorly and I really had no idea how they were going to see it -- some of the stitches were done absolutely perfectly, and I'd have had no qualms about showing them to my perfectionist great-grandmother, were she still alive. Some of them I'd have burned, and were on the same piece. But the serious mistakes were the last I'd made, just at the end of the time limit, so I could not re-do them. That night I dreamed I re-took the test about three times, each time doing something else disastrously wrong. I have spent most of the time since then worrying about the outcome, waiting for the second of August when they said they'd have the results. It got especially bad last week when there was an email saying it would be a week longer until they could tell me whether I was good enough to get an interview.

Last night I got another email, saying that I have an interview on Wednesday. Of course, my day off is Tuesday (today) so there was no way of finding someone to switch with me that quickly. This morning, yet another email,. rescheduling for today at 3, which is perfect. They've been lovely about moving dates and times to when I'm not at work. So there's another day of crossed fingers. At least this time they'll be looking at my previous sewing work, and that's all stuff I'm very sure of. Especially the embroidery.

So much for finishing my jacket today. I think this trumps it by a lot.

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