May. 5th, 2010

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On Sunday, I'll be heading deeper into the south. Why, you might ask? It's for the best of reasons, and the only one outside of New Orleans that would actually convince me to stay there.

I have an interview at Colonial Williamsburg for an interpreter position.

See, this is the job I've been day dreaming about since I was 12, when I first found out that people dressed up in 18th century clothes (albeit hugely inaccurate ones, for the womenfolk) at Saratoga Battlefield, and I could too! My first experience was with dipping candles for an annual demonstration of household tasks. It was terrifically boring, but I loved it anyway. I liked feeling like I was living elsewhen, in those stolen moments between curious observers, when i was alone in the still summer air, wood smoke heavy in the humidity. We were far enough from the roads that I could not hear any cars, and it was something I have sought to find since, but always it's come up imperfect. 

We went to Williamsburg in February, and I was madly in love from the first few moments. Here was a world that devoted itself to history, walking around and talking to you. Showing you how to spin and weave, how to sew the channels in the stays. And across the street, the College of William and Mary. Which, incidentally, is a public school, incredibly inexpensive, and has a graduate program. That's very important. I need that, you see, in order to learn more stuff, and in a place where my crazy collection of useless facts isn't, after all, completely useless.

So wish me luck, and hopefully on Monday we'll be looking for an apartment, too.

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